Failure to comply with these rules may lead to you being kicked and/or permanently or temporarily banned from the server and or forums. All players are expected to read these rules thoroughly and to check them often in case of any changes

1. No hacks or cheats of any kind. these include but are not limited to;

- X-ray, flying, spawning items, speed hacks or any other mod that may give the player an unfair advantage.

2. Do not grief anyone's creations on the server in any way. Griefing is defined as any action that is meant to harass, anger, upset or hurt another player.

- Destroying/altering/claiming another players creations, regardless if it looks abandoned or previously griefed.

- Stealing another players creation/items. This includes chests, dropped items, or not fulling your end of a trade/sale.

3. Move away from the spawn to build and choose a sensible spot where you won't annoy anyone.

- The spawn protected area is very big. you need to walk quite a ways to be able to build. You can use /warp for a list of available warps. The immediate area surrounding the warps is protected, but you don't have to walk as far.

4. Buildings on the CubeCraft server must meet the high standards required for that server.

- Basically don't build crappy shacks and don't leave half built homes. We can remove them without warning.

5. Report all hackers and griefers immediately.

- If a mod is not available or is too busy, use /modreq [msg] (e.g. /modreq My home has been griefed). Modreq records the location where the request was made so please make sure to be at the grief location when you do.

6. Do not build provocative structures, they will be removed without warning and you will be banned.

- These include swastikas, burning crosses, phallic objects or anything deemed inappropriate by the mods.

7. Do not abuse other players over chat.

- We do not tolerate abusive language of any kind, for any reason.

8. Check /help, website or the forums for help and advice before asking admins or moderators.

- We have several sources to help you with most of your questions

9. Do not walk off in one direction for miles. If you are exploring, it's ok, but don't do it just to do it.

- This causes the server to constantly load chunks into memory. It contributes to lag.

10. No hovels - don't build crappy structures. There is no need to create somewhere to hide overnight.

- If you are worried about mobs at night, then warp to spawn (/spawn) and then warp back in the day time (/back)

- If you feel a need to make a temp home, please remove it once you are done with it

11. Don't dig tunnels straight down deep into the ground.

- Straight mine shafts left in the open will cause someone to fall to their death.

- If you make one for whatever reason, be sure to fill it back in.

12. When collecting wood ensure you remove all of the wood from that tree.

- Floating trees look awful. If you do not intend to remove the whole tree, do not start chopping it down.

13. Keep the landscape looking nice.

- You can be banned for breaking rules that make the landscape ugly, as well as poor mining/gathering practices: leaving an ugly sand/dirt/stone pit, excessive water/lava use, etc

14. Admins and Moderators have the final say.

- If you do not agree with a mods decision, cursing, yelling, threats or otherwise will not help you and will only get you banned.

15. Do not spam or abuse other servers.

- Don't visit other servers to spam our address or simply to abuse and grief them, even if in retaliation.

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