/modreq [Text] - Sends a moderator request to all moderators, can be used when no mods are on

/spawn - Takes you back to the original spawn point on CubeCraft

/mail read - Read you mail sent to you by other players

/mail send - Send mail to other players

/warp - List all available warps on the server

/warp [place] - Replace [place] with the warp you wish to teleport to

/list - List the players currently on the server

/money - Shows your current balance (you start with $30)

/pay [player] [amount] - Pays a player the amount you wish, in dollars.

/msg [players name] [message] - Message a player privately

/r - Reply to another player's private message

/sethome - Sets your current location to your home

/home - Teleport to the location you set as your home


/tpahere [player name] - Asks another player to teleport to you

/tpa [player name] - Asks another player to teleport to them

/god - Make yourself invincible

/ungod - Disable invincibility

/back - Teleport to the last location you teleported to

/jumpto - Jumps a player top of the block you are looking at.

/thru - Jumps a player through the blocks ahead.

/vip - See how long you have left as VIP.

/res tp [resname] - Teleports you to a residence.

/workbench - Opens up a workbench without being near one

/hat - Wear the block you're wearing as a hat

/res message [message] - Allows you to change the message shown when entering or leaving a residence

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