Hosting the server and website is extremely expensive, and we rely on donations to keep the server active; in return for helping us keep the server active you will receive special donator benefits.

Donators gain access to the following cosmetic and fun features:

- 'Donator' tag in chat, so everyone knows you're supporting our server.
- Hats using the /hat command.
- Coloured armour.
- Pets.
- More details coming soon...

To clarify, donating does not guarantee that the server will stay online, we accept donations to subsidise the cost of the server to us. That said, if we receive enough in donations to cover the server costs we will make sure that the server continues to run. By donating you are not purchasing anything nor are you subscribing to our service, the donator rank is a reward we offer to thank you.

If there is a period of extended downtime during your donator month we will do our best to extend your Donator status in accordance with the amount of lost time, although we cannot guarantee you will receive the exact amount of lost time.

If you banned while you are a Donator because of a violation of our terms of service or rules you will not be refunded. An appeals process will evaluate whether or not we reinstate your account.

To donate you must be over 18. Minors should ask a parent to donate on their behalf.

If you experience any issues with your donation or have an issue with your donator rank, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may only proceed if you agree to the terms above.

CubeCraft is in no way affiliated with Mojang, neither is this donation.

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